Group of traders and dealers that market, sell or trade any form of electrical devices, appliances or machinery for home, commercial or office use in Penang and Butterworth. The Radio Traders Association was registered in Malaysia in the year of 1960. Those days, Radio is being understood as an electrical appliance.

Brief History of the Association

The Association was officially founded on 1 May 1960 at No. 113, Tanjung Tokong Road, by several visionary founders. Namely, Mr. Chan Kin Hing, Mr. Cheung Wing Wo, Mr. Chan Chiu Mo, Mr. Wan Cheong Yam, Mr. Chung Kam Choi, Mr. Fung Yu Sen, Mr. Wong Cheong Hwan, Mr. Chan Fai Ching, Mr. Khoo Ben Han, and last but not least Mr. Ng Ching Fai. There were only 30 members during the early founding days.

The first council members were: Chairman Mr. Chan Kin Hing (Hoi Hing), Vice Chairman Mr. Ng Ching Fai (ASTORIA General Affairs Mr. Yun Cheong Yam (Yun Lee), Finance Mr. Chan Chao Mo (Penang Radio). Founding members include Mr. Teo Eng Ho (Wing Fat), Mr. Chung Kam Choi (deceased, of K.C CHONG), Mr. Fung Yu Sen (Lim Radio), Lim Kam Chun (Kee Fat), Mr. Yoo Global (COMMUNICO), Mr. Khoo Ben Han (HAGEMEYER), Honorary Chairman was Mr. Ng Yau Lik (YIN PITA). 

As the venue was far away from the city, it was relocated to 81C, Sijo Road, in early 1972. Later, as the number of members increased to more than 40 people, the rented premises were considered unsuitable. Thus shifted to another new premise at Gonggodialu. Successive Council members raised the issue of finding a permanent solution by having an association-owned clubhouse during the Council meeting.

The Council concluded that from 1977 onwards, the Association should raise funds from the General Merchants, Agents, and Members of the Association during their annual event celebration. 

In February 1978, the new clubhouse building was completed by our Vice-Chairman, Mr. Lee Tin-suk. The funds-raising was initiated during the banquet event. Invitations were extended to the manufacturers and friends concerned and to purchase gift certificates for the Association’s Foundation Fund, amounting to over RM10,000.

Due to strong commitment and support towards the Foundation Fund, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 24 September 1978 to establish the Foundation Committee and to elect 33 members to the Committee.

In July 1979, the committee decided to acquire a new clubhouse at No. 14 Malacca Street (present office) for RM140,000, and the acquisition was finalized on 9 February 1980.

The new clubhouse was completed, but the Committee was facing the issue of insufficient funds. As the vision and drive to overcome the challenges, on 10 April 1980, all the Society members went to the Law Society Building to complete the formalities of transferring their names. The following day, work began on the entire building’s renovation and the installation of all necessary equipment.

We intend to actively promote our business visions, strengthen our ties with the rest of the world, contribute to social charity, promote Penang society’s prosperity, and enhance our missions and objectives.

In summary, Radio Traders Association of Penang and Province Wellesley was founded by a group of traders and dealers that market, sell or trade any form of electrical or electronic devices, appliances or machinery for home, commercial or office use in Penang and Butterworth (mainland). Since 1960, The Radio Traders Association has progressed over 60 years of excellence. During the 1960s, the term Radio was being understood as an electrical appliance. 

During the setup of the Radio Traders Association, the term radio was widely used as the  actual radio was one of the best selling appliances in Penang and Butterworth, Malaysia. Therefore the radio being referred to the definition of an electrical appliance in the modern times of the 21st century.

As of current in Sept 2020, the members grew into the strength of over 190 members.



The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee which shall consist of fifteen members,


All Radio (electrical appliance) dealers and traders in Penang and Province Wellesley are eligible for ordinary membership of the Association.